Monday, August 10, 2009

Hell's Canyon...Not a Camp-out for Weenies.

It was after midnight in a small granite nook with no beach...just sharp rocks to sit and sleep on....we had just battled a 7 foot sturgeon. We had rebaited ,and the cataraft was being ferried back in the pitch black right above Hell's Canyon's biggest rapid when someone said, "This is definitely not a camp-out for weenies." So true!

Before heading home from Cali, we limped our way from the Redwood Coast and Crater Lake to Boise on a bad transfer case. We got it fixed just in time to launch on Hell's Canyon. This was our best Hell's Canyon trip yet. David's wrestling buddy Craig joined us and brought his cat boat with sturgeon fishing gear. So this time, not only did we fill our bellies with smallmouth bass...but we spent the nights waiting for our line to scream out with a big sturgeon on the hook! Sure enough, both nights we landed sturgeon! We also took playboats. We surfed and threw wave moves all the way down the river. So fun!