Sunday, May 2, 2010

The VillainS in Action...

David taking the Villain S off Little River Canyon Falls, and the Nantahala Cascades.

We did a little Villain testing of our own, and decided it has some very distinct paddling features. #1- Its fast. We both compared it to the Green Race Boat in how it handles. Seriously, its probably not quite as fast, but it will definitely surprise you. It carries momentum and does attainments with ease and precision. #2- It resurfaces great. When you melt, have no fear...downstream is always near. :) #3 It boofs easily and often. In fact, watch your speed and weight distribution when green water is in the landing zone...(as with any semi-planing hull creeker.) Just set your angle and relax...wait and take the stroke. No need to scramble in the Villain. You got it. :)#4 It turns easily and carves well. When you need it to, it drives up and over mank. Just watch your speed when heading into junky rapids. Turning and carving this boat is very enjoyable when done correctly. Especially into eddies.

sequence of a slide:

sequence of melting and resurfacing:

sequence of driving up and getting thru manky junk:

We're both enjoying paddling this boat and can't wait for more rain!